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PaulB started out of a small repair shop built by Paul B. Zimmerman in 1947. When he began stocking parts in bulk, neighbors began stopping in to buy parts from him. Paul's six sons joined him as they grew up, and the parts sales grew to become a small hardware store. The store eventually split from the growing metal shop, moving to its present 50,000 square foot location in 1992. They've consciously stayed away from pressures to conform, focusing on practical, heavy-duty hardware items even as the store constantly evolves and expands. The result is a store stocked with an amazing range of useful products for contractors, farmers, homeowners, and other commercial customers.

PBZINCBOOKAfter Paul Sr. died in 2006, the company was reorganized and the store officially became PaulB LLC, under the umbrella company of Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc., which is also over PBZ LLC and Keystone Koating LLC. For more information on all the Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. companies, visit the corporation website at www.pbzinc.com.