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PaulB in Belleville PA

Same Knowledgeable and Helpful Service

PaulB store in Belleville Pennsylvania

We're delighted to have made the move into our NEW Store! Come visit us 1/8th of a mile down the road from our old store in Belleville (the phone number, below, is unchanged.)

Our original departments were Automotive, Electrical, Lawn & Garden, Plumbing, Tools, Ag Paint & Tires, and Animal Health- we have expanded Pneumatic Nailers, Power Tools, Plumbing, and Echo Small Engine Sales and Service. We are expanding PTO Driveline Repair, and Hydraulic Hose Making/Repair. All of the many thousands of items that are in the Lititz store, as well as the PaulB Ag/Industrial Parts Catalog and the PaulB Sprayer Catalog, can be purchased through Belleville as well.

Our new location is 4774 SR 655, Belleville, Pa, 17004. Our phone number is still 717-935-2131. Hours and map can be found here.