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Lighting for Shop and Home

Items We Stock

Indoor & Outdoor light fixturesDouble Light Fixture Ceiling fans Recessed lighting Landscape solar lighting Outdoor accent lighting A large selection by catalog orders

Fluorescent Lighting & Shop Lights Dayton Motor 4' and 8' strip lights 8' high output strip light Replacement ballasts for strip lights Brooder light & clamp lights

Light Bulbs

Incandescent Light BulbIncandescent bulbs vanity lighting night lights standard bulbs

Compact Fluorescent BulbCompact Fluorescent bulbs 3 watt - 65 watt Bug bulb Direct Current (DC) bulbs

Circular Fluorescent BulbFluorescent Circular bulbs - 8, 12 and 16 inch 6 inch - 8 foot long, T5, T8 and T12 U-shape T8 and T12

metal halide bulbMetal Halide bulbs50W - 1000W

High Pressure Sodium bulbsHigh Pressure Sodium Bulb 50W - 400W

Circular Fluorescent BulbLED bulbsRecessed track lighting bulbs LED night light bulbs LED chandelier bulbs

Halogen BulbHalogen bulbs work lights 100 - 500 watt floodlight bulb 1500 watt, 240 volt

Temporary String Lightstemporary string light 50', 100'