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Electrical Supplies for the Home and Contractor

Items We Stock

Wire ReelWire Romex Wire UF underground wire THHN wire stranded & solid

OutletOutlets Outlet covers and switches Homeowner grade & contractor grade

50A FuseFuses Cartridge fuses NON type FRN-R type Edison base fuses KAA Rectifier fuses FNM dual element fuses

Double Pole BreakerBreakers BR type QO type HOM type CH type Zinsco breakers Federal Pacific breakers

Conduit ¼" - 4" PVC conduitConduit Thin wall conduit ½", ¾" and 1" Unistrut Channel ¾"and 1-5/8"

Miscellaneous Electrical SuppliesElectrical Supplies Wire nuts Split bolts Underground splice kits Toggle switches Wire terminals Shrink tubing