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Building Supplies from Concrete Block to Conduit and Levels

Items We Stock

Roof Kickout Flashing
We manufacture our own Roof Kick-out Flashing through brother company PBZ LLC. Protect your roof from thousands of dollars in water damage! Available uncoated or in five different powder-coated colors. Get more information or even BUY ONLINE at our Kickout Flashing website!

coated Flashing

Cinder & Cement Blocksshelf track system Hollow Blocks 2x4x8" to 12x8x16" Round/Square Flue Liners 8.5" to 13" 30" Concrete Splash Block

Cement Mixes & Sandconcrete mix Gravel/Mortar Mixes Mason, Sand Blast Sand Portland Cement Mortar Cement Type 'S' Pelletized/Pulverized/Hydrated Lime

step ladderLadders Step Ladders Extension Ladders

Conduitconduit ¼" - 4" PVC conduit Thin wall conduit ½", ¾" and 1" Unistrut Channel ¾"and 1-5/8"

sheetrock drywall compoundDrywall compound/plaster

drywall corner beadDrywall Corner Bead

drywall corner beadShims