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More Valuable Agricultural Products to Keep Your Farm Operation Going. Call 717-738-7355 ext. 280 to order.

Items We Stock

top linkTractor Linkage/Safety Hitch Pins & Clevises Forged Top Links & Stabilizer Arms Ball Sockets Draw Bars Ratchet Jacks PTO Adapters Safety Accessories View Tractor Linkage in the Parts Catalog

top wind round jackImplement Jacks Round Jacks Square Jacks Marine & Recreational Jacks Replacement Parts & Kits View Implement Jacks in the Parts Catalog

cattle waterersCattle Waterers Ritchie Waterers Energy free Electric Fountains & troughs Lapp Waterers Energy free Waterbowls Parts, components & heaters

dayton motorAg Motors 3 phase motors Single phase motors Farm-duty motors Air compressor motors C phase mount motors Replacement motors for blowers

poultry fanBarn Fans Exhaust fans Up to 48" Belt & direct drive Circulating fans Up to 36" Belt & direct drive

Tarp/Tie Downs and Attachmentsblue poly tarpPoly Tarps Canvas Tarps Black Mesh Tarps Tarp Straps & Accessories Plastic FilmTie Down Straps View Tarps & Tarp Straps in the Parts Catalog

gallagher electric fence chargerElectric Fencing Gallagher AC, DC, & Solar Energizers Lightening Diverters 12 1/2 ga. High Tensil Wire 9ga to 17 ga Fence Wire Poly Tape, Poly Wire & Insulated Ground Wire Insulators Gripple Joiners & Tools Wire Strainers Spring & Bungee Gates Fence Testers Post Pullers & Stumpers

Ag Specialty metal paintAg Specialty Barn Paint - Oil and Water-based 5 Gallons, Gallons Industrial Enamel - for metal Colors available to match most farm equipment 5Gallons, Gallons, Quarts, Sprays Metal Primer Gallons EZ-Slide Graphite-based Paint Friction reducing paint Can be used on lawnmower decks, hoppers, conveyers and snow plow blades Gallons, Quarts, Spray Milk House Enamel Gallons Paint Additive - Clear Hardener Used in Ag Specialty Industrial Enamel to improve hardness of the paint film Pints View Paint in the Parts Catalog